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Uit de nieuwsbrief voor goede onderzoekspraktijken, nr. 47:

Survey: Data in Question. ELSI Challenges in biobank-based research

BBMRI-ERIC, COST Action CHIP ME, RD-Connect, IMI DO-IT, Biobank Norway

Survey loopt tot 15 februari 2018

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BBMRI-ERIC: Call for Examples 'How Biobanking Makes a Difference in Society'

Survey sluit 20 februari 2018

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IMDRF: Essential Principles of Safety and Performance of Medical Devices and IVD Medical Devices

Consultatie sluit 18 april 2018

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EMA: Draft guideline on safety and efficacy follow-up and risk management of advanced therapy medicinal products - Rev. 1

Consultatie sluit 30 april 2018

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EMA: Reflection paper on investigation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the obese population

Consultatie sluit 31 juli 2018

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